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        Updated on March 13, 2018

        Medical Cosmetology

        The Department of Medical Cosmetology at Suining Central Hospital (SCH) has a profound historical background. It was one of the 108 institutions in China which could carry out medical cosmetic surgery in the 1980's accord to some domestic authoritative magazines. The specialty of medical cosmetology first originated from the Burns and Plastic Surgery in the hospital and became independent in 2001. The Department of Medical Cosmetology was established in 2008 and is currently one of the large medical cosmetic departments in the third-grade Class-A comprehensive hospitals in Sichuan. Its facial cosmetic surgery, deformity correction, minimally invasive cosmetology, comprehensive scar treatment, facial rejuvenation, body sculpture, and contour shaping, etc. are in the domestic advanced level.

        At present, the department is headed by a Medical Doctor of cosmetic and plastic surgery, a special talent introduced by Suining, who leads the cosmetic and plastic expert team graduated from different institutions of higher education to carry out various cosmetic and plastic procedures. The expert team either worked or have successively received training in internationally and domestically renowned institutions of cosmetic and plastic surgery, with which they have established normalized technical cooperation relationship. Domestically well-known plastic surgery experts and those from the Republic of Korea may be invited to perform appointed operations in SCH.

        The Medical Cosmetology Department already has near 30 years' historical precipitation. By constantly learning cutting-edge technologies and absorbing academic and cultural essence of cosmetic and plastic surgery at home and abroad, the expert team's medical level has reached domestic advanced level. The department is currently staffed by 10 skillful professionals, among whom there is 1 associate chief physician, 2 attending physicians, 1 resident, 6 nurses including 1 chief nurse, and 2 doctors received master's and doctor's degree respectively. It is well equipped with high-end plastic equipment such as imported Snake Brand Plastic Dynamic System, endoscope, lattice laser, radio frequency therapeutic apparatus, liposuction for weight loss, hair removing instrument.

        The medical care team of the department strives for excellence in technology and service, takes the responsibility to sparkplug normative, scientific, and safe cosmetology, aims to meet the cosmetic needs of people, and puts their health and interests first. Led by the department chief, the Medical Cosmetology Department of SCH will surely enter a new era of refined, minimally invasive cosmetic and plastic surgery and provide domestically and internationally advanced medical cosmetic services for the beauty-conscious people in Suning, in central Sichuan area, and even in the country.